DMV Expresscare

Work force Health Benefits

Flexible, Affordable Workforce Health Benefits

A sound virtual care solution is the cornerstone of a great HR program. Build DMV Express Care into your employee benefits program and see the difference.

DMV Express Care works for people with or without traditional healthcare benefits.

For people without benefits, DMV Express Care provides access to reliable information and high-quality, convenient access to board-certified nurse practitioners when they're sick. Members get the peace of mind and comfort of getting care, avoiding unnecessary urgent care and ER visits.

Maybe, more importantly, DMV Express Care providers can identify more severe illnesses and give appropriate guidance. DMV Express Care is available 24/7 from any digital device.

Offering DMV Express Care gives organizations a real competitive advantage, from recruiting to retainment.

Employees value their DMV Express Care benefit because:

They get urgent care and primary care visits and build long-term relationships with our providers.

They get exceptional healthcare from caring providers.

They get 24/7 help with unexpected, urgent medical needs, as well as personalized, ongoing support for wellness, prevention, and management of chronic conditions.